Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ShipHazmat.NET Ocean begins beta testing stage, sign up to be a beta tester

For a limited time only, the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. is accepting applications to join our beta test team for ShipHazmat.NET Ocean, a simple templating Internet application for generating IMO Dangerous Goods declarations.

Based on our popular ShipHazmat.NET Air application on the Internet, our Ocean (vessel) application is just as easy to use. This is the first step to the full-fledged manifest program required by cargo vessels. Similar to Hazmat.NET, our airline version for generating air carrier manifests, ShipHazmat.NET Ocean can be used for both Shipper and Transporter in real time to seamlessly create Shipping Manifests with the click of a mouse button.

To learn more about ShipHazmat.NET Ocean or to apply to be a part of the best test team for ShipHazmat.NET Ocean, please email support@BureauDG.com for the full details.