Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hazmat shipping forms generated by ShipHazmat.net to transport hazardous materials by aircraft now has new features

If you're new to shipping hazardous materials (hazmat) or if you've been shipping hazmat for years, ShipHazmat.net provides a convenient and affordable way to generate hazmat shipping forms via the Internet.

Using built-in regulatory logic based on IATA/ICAO regulatory guidelines for shipping dangerous goods by aircraft, including U.S. government State variations, ShipHazmat.net helps to reduce:
  • clerical time creating hazmat shipping forms,
  • typographical errors,
  • rejected shipments,
  • fines and penalties from improper documentation and packaging,
  • individual interpretation of hazmat regulations, and
  • much more.

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More than a typical templating application, ShipHazmat.net generates fully compliant shipping forms for transporting hazardous materials by aircraft with print-outs of how to properly label and mark your packaging(s). The following are just some of the compliance features offered:

  • correctly calculates Q-value for "all packed in one" packages,
  • handles compatibility and segregation requirements,
  • create single or multiple overpacks,
  • view properly labeled and marked diagrams of your hazmat shipment,
  • review potentially applicable Operator and State variations,
  • print emergency response information for each of your dangerous goods in the shipment,
  • use product codes assigned to proper shipping names and UN numbers,
  • satisfy record retention requirements by searching and viewing past hazmat shipping forms,
  • print with or without red borders (on blank or pre-printed red border paper respectively),
  • store shipper and consignee addresses for future use,
  • store technical names for future use,
  • standardize your declaration form with default information common to every shipment (e.g. shipper address, airport of departure or destination, signatory information, etc.),
  • utilize electronic data processing (EDP) to transfer your shipment information electronically to air carriers, and
  • much more!

ShipHazmat.net now also features a new metrics and statistics tool to help businesses monitor and gauge shipment activity for its users. See how many hazmat shipments are created each day by each user in your account and make smarter business decisions for efficiently utilizing your hazmat employees.

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This online application is a platform designed by the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd., a global hazmat training and hazmat software business with the vision of promoting the safe transportation of hazardous materials and dangerous goods around the world.

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