Thursday, October 22, 2009

PHMSA updates emergency response information requirements in HM-206F for shipping papers

In an effort to enhance safety — the DOT / PHMSA has issued a final rule relating to emergency response telephone numbers in 49 CFR Parts 172 and 174 via the Federal Register (HM-206F) regarding the requirements of emergency response information provided by offerors (shippers).

To promote the effectiveness and safety of transporting hazardous materials, PHMSA is requiring a contact name or contract number be placed on shipping papers in relationship to the emergency response information. This information must be provided in a prominent position on the shipping paper with acceptable locations being along with the offeror's shipping address, or above/below/in relation to the emergency response information.

Additional wording has been revised in §172.604(b) with new information in §172.604(b)(1) and (2) regarding this matter.

The effective date of this final rule on shipping papers has been amended to October 1, 2010. A voluntary compliance date of November 18, 2009 is also effective on shipping papers.

The DOT / PHMSA will be issuing a new updated final rule regarding this matter later today pertaining to the effective date and new information provided in §172.604(b)(1) and (2), to help clarify its intent.

To read the full update, click here for Federal Register HM-206F.