Monday, April 20, 2009

HazLink provides electronic data processing EDP gateway between ShipHazmat and Hazmat applications for seamless shipper's declaration transfer

As an innovative global leader in technological solutions within the transportation industry for transporting dangerous goods/hazardous materials, the Bureau of Dangerous Goods has begun to introduce HazLink to the commercial population.

HazLink is a "cyber-bridge" that allows our online ShipHazmat® application to communicate seamlessly with our online Hazmat® application. This bridge provides the gateway for instantaneous electronic data processing/interchange (EDP, EDI) of dangerous goods shipment information between a shipper and air carrier.

We've been developing HazLink for years, once thought of only as a possible potential to increase efficiency and overall standardization of documentation. However, with IATA's release of the 50th edition DGR and the new inclusion of EDP transfers, our thoughts and dreams have pushed full steam into reality. HazLink allows dangerous goods shipment information to arrive in the form of a NOTOC to an air carrier's pilot even before the actual dangerous goods shipment leaves the dock facility of the shipper. The potential for efficiency increase seems exponential.

Our online ShipHazmat® application provides shippers of dangerous goods to be transported by air a simple way to prepare and create fully compliant Shipper's Declaration forms and packaging from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere around the world. A PC-based software version is also available.

Our online Hazmat® application provides air carriers who accept dangerous goods shipments a comprehensive solution for accepting and verifying shipments based on IATA/ICAO regulatory guidelines. Once verified, this Internet application transmits shipment information to the NOTOC Navigator®, which can instantaneously generate fully compliant NOTOCs for the pilot along with emergency response information for first responders (e.g. fire departments).