Sunday, April 5, 2009

ShipHazmat and Hazmat software updated with latest IATA addendum changes

The latest amendments to the 50th edition of the IATA DGR include several new and amended State and Operator variations, updated information regarding mixtures and solutions, and a new Special Provision A165 that affects specific proper shipping names related to division 1.4S.

Please keep your ShipHazmat updated with the latest patches by creating a customer account on our site and downloading/installing all available updates.

And just a friendly reminder that ShipHazmat is not meant as a substitute for a trained and certified hazmat employee. While our software does provide fully compliant documentation for shipping dangerous goods, we strongly encourage everyone to remain current with their knowledge and understanding of transporting such substances via any mode of transportation. The safety of all those involved may depend on it (not to mention it's required by law).