Thursday, April 30, 2009 dangerous goods documentation and packaging Internet application provides affordable solution with full regulatory compliance is an Internet application for creating fully compliant dangerous goods documentation and packaging required to transport dangerous goods by aircraft internationally. This application is available worldwide with 24/7 login service for creating, storing and managing Shipper's Declarations of dangerous goods. Created by the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd., users provide key information of dangerous goods shipments into an user-friendly GUI on the Web. The application takes care of the rest.

Some features include:
  • Handles overpacks and "all-packed-in-one" packages,
  • Automatically calculates correct Q-value, when required,
  • Checks for compatibility and segregation requirements,
  • Displays applicable State and Operator variations,
  • Displays emergency response information for applicable UN numbers,
  • View and print corresponding truck placarding requirements for transporting dangerous goods shipment by ground to the air carrier,
  • Store and manage Shipper and Consignee addresses for quick re-use,
  • Save and re-use common technical names,
  • U.S. state variations are automatically built into program logic (and can be turned off),
  • Product coding for commonly used proper shipping names,
  • Bar coding for transferring shipment information to an air carrier without manual data entry,
  • Electronic data processing (EDP) for shipment information to air carriers available,
  • and much more

With the inclusion of IATA regarding electronic data processing (EDP) and electronic data interchange (EDI) in the 50th edition DGR, the Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. has developed HazLink, an online bridge for transferring dangerous goods shipment information from to participating air carriers registered with This seamless electronic transfer provides instantaneous verification of dangerous goods shipments to be transported by aircraft, along with the generation of fully compliant NOTOC documentation with amazing speed and efficiency. NOTOCs can also be transmitted to first responders and emergency response personnel, who are provided with a full list of hazmat onboard along with the appropriate emergency response codes.

There are no installations required. No updates or patches to download when regulatory updates are released throughout the year. Program logic is based on IATA/ICAO regulatory guidelines and are updated seamlessly to the customer. Users can simply log in and begin using knowing that their documentation will be fully compliant with all applicable regulations. is available for purchase online in two different flavors:

  • Per-click - for the occasional user who ships dangerous goods less than 5 times per month, the per-click account allows customers to purchase credits that are deducted for each proper shipping name added to a completed declaration form. Each credit can be purchased for $14.95 USD.
  • Annual membership - for the avid shipper of dangerous goods, our annual membership package includes several upgrades that are unavailable for per-click users. Based on a user license purchasing system, each account can have multiple users who share shipper, consignee and technical name databases for better productivity in the workplace. Users also have access to storing product codes, storing and managing default information to appear in various areas of a declaration form, and reloading past shipments to edit and reprint. The pricing schedule for annual memberships can be found on the website.

The Bureau of Dangerous Goods, Ltd. also provides a PC version of ShipHazmat for customers who do not have a readily available Internet connection. The PC version can be purchased as a stand-alone software application or in a Local Area Network (LAN) configuration across several computers. Customers can also customize a "mix-and-match" bag of hazard classes/divisions based on their shipping needs for the stand-along version.